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Ihab Abou Falah – talented newcomer

In the third episode we interview Ihan Abou Falah, a newcomer with a big passion for the sport. This is his first season and he drives on of the most craziest builds in the region.

His company helps a lot of the drifters with fabrication, dyno, assembly of competition cars. They support 14 cars in the region.

The car he competes in is a Nissan S14 with a 427 cubic inch LSa with a Whipple supercharger, front and rear Wisefab and a sequential gearbox.

Text: Mattias Laago
Foto: Mattias Laago

Mattias Laago
Mattias Laago
Videograf och skribent som varit aktiv inom motorsporten sedan 2004. Brinner för att förmedla känslan från eventen.

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