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torsdag, december 8, 2022

Teemu Peltola – legendary diesel drifter

This time we sit down with a true legend, Teemu Peltola, from Black Smoke Racing. The finish driver is truly pushing the limits with his diesel powered Mercedes Benz, equipped with a compound turbo. The interview is this time in Swedish.

He has been struggling with Mantorp for many years now, but truly loves this fast track.

Teemu Peltola

Next up for Teemu is DMEC in Riga as a wild card. It will be really interesting to see the smoking station wagon on Bikernieki race track.

Text: Mattias Laago
Foto: Mattias Laago

Mattias Laago
Mattias Laago
Videograf och skribent som varit aktiv inom motorsporten sedan 2004. Brinner för att förmedla känslan från eventen.

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